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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

X-RATED! Watch Rylan get a massage from a sexy Swede

X-RATED! Watch Rylan get a massage from a sexy Swede - X Factor - Xtra Factor X-RATED!
Watch Rylan get a massage from a sexy Swede Also;

Watch Rylan’s exit interview!  Praise be, hallelujah! Watch Jahmene perform a gospel song!  Mega lolz! Watch Ella's heee-lair-ious hommage to hairspray here!  Totes emosh! Watch Rylan sob over Ella’s elimination!

Awww, as Judges go, we’d say Nicole is exceedingly nice. So nice that she treated Rylan to a massage (administered by a hot hunk, lucky him!) and tickets to go and see ABBA with his mum. Lovely stuff! Though, next time, we expect to be invited too. You got that, Rylan?

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Hair How-To: Nicole Scherzinger plaited top-knot!

Hair How-To: Nicole Scherzinger plaited top-knot! - X Factor - hair

Hair How-To: Nicole Scherzinger plaited top-knot! See Also Cripes! Watch Rylan Clark sing for survival with Wires by Athlete Totes emosh! Watch Rylan’s best bits! Watch Rylan Clark sing a Supremes Medley Watch Rylan Clark sing Mamma Mia by ABBA

Before Rylan left the show he was taught an important lesson by X Factor hair stylist Jamie Stevens - how to do hair like Nicole Scherzinger using TRESemmé products!

See if you can do better than Rylan using Jamie's tips and tweet your results to @TRESEMMEUK.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Snap from Saturday night!

Snaps from Saturday night! - X Factor - Live Performances

Snaps from Saturday night!

Snaps from Saturday night X Factor!

Jazz hands

First rule of showbiz? Razzle-dazzle them with some wacky arm movements. Works every time.

Pink to make the boys wink

She’s sexy, saucy and sha-mazing. Nicole works that cute fuschia knit to prefection and reminds us why we fancy her so much.

Bad news

Union J were distraught and distressed to learn that Louis would be wearing THAT polo neck again.

Glamour nanna

Awww! Christopher Maloney’s devoted nan NEVER takes off that t-shirt. Now that's what we call dedication.

Best buds

James Arthur and Jahmene Douglas are joined by a backing singer; a rather ominous looking teddy bear.

High five!

Nicole and Tulisa were relieved not to have worn the same outfits. Don’t cha just hate it when that happens?

Festive fittie

Dear Santa - if you’re reading this - please deliver us a Gary Barlow lookalike for Christmas. Cheers!

Gary Barlow: ‘The talent has been off the scale this year!’ Watch Gary get his grump on! Providing Entertaining X Factor News, Information And Reviews Online.

Rylan Clark: ‘I knew my time was up!’

Rylan Clark: ‘I knew my time was up!’

Rylan Clark: ‘I knew my time was up!’Today is a dark, dark day at XF HQ.

Our favourite Essex eccentric has left the competition and we feel beyond bereft.

In fact, the last time we felt this miserable was on Christmas day when Santa failed to deliver the Barbie 3-story Dreamhouse we’d set our sights on. Yup, things are THAT bad.

Reem-arkable Rylan has been a joy to watch these past eight weeks. From the brilliant banter with Barlow, THAT Jedi snood he wore at Judges’ houses to those pop-tastic performances - he's been the consummate showman since day one!

This morning, we caught up with the fabulous fashionista to talk about his plans for the future (we predict world domination) and why he had an inkling he’d be leaving last night, (thanks to that infamous psychic of his).

Rylan, we’ll miss you and your fake tan. A mahoosive thank you for the music, madness and magic.

You were pretty ill last week...

I’d been really ill with a chest infection all week. I felt rough as old boots. I had a runny nose, a cold sore - the whole shebang! I even felt too poorly to have a spray tan - you know things are dire when that happens!

Were you pleased with your performances on Saturday?

I loved doing that swan dive. I was bricking it, though. The thought of it all going Pete Tong and me breaking both my legs did cross my mind. Imagine leaving the show on crutches?

How do you REALLY feel about being eliminated?

In a sense, I feel relieved. I knew my time was up. I could feel it in my bones. I’ve had a good innings. I met a Spice Girl, flirted with Robbie Williams and got to wear some outrageous outfits.

Did you enjoy the whole experience?

I’ve had the time of my life and made friends that I'll keep forever. My closest friends are Lucy, James and Jahmene but I love them all.

What about Chris?

No comment! Nah, I wish him no ill will. I’m not a spiteful person. If you put out positivity and kindness, you get it back tenfold.

Do you think Gary is to blame for you leaving?

Absolutely not! If anything, our weekly quips at one another probably kept me in the competition. Our banter was entertaining to watch and I secretly really enjoyed it. We both gave it our all and I take my hat off to Gazza, he is the King of one-liners.

How is your glamorous mum?

To get in the mood for ABBA, I took my mum to see Mamma Mia. We had an absolute blast. Now I’m out of the show, I can’t wait to treat her to a shopping trip and beauty treatments in the West End.

What’s next?

Besides singing, I’d love to dabble in fashion and fake tan. I’d love to launch my own shade. It would be a deeper shade of brown, David Dickinson all the way!

Anything else?

I’m performing at G-A-Y with The Spraggan next Saturday. Mark my words, we’ll tear it up Sprylan style! I’m also planning on getting Nicole to come to Essex for a Clark Sunday roast dinner with all the trimmings. I wonder if she’s tried Yorkshire puddings? I’ll also be consulting my trusty psychic - I want her to tell me what’s next in store. I’m all about crystal balls and swinging pendulums!

Lolz! Any messages for your fans?

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone for accepting me the way I am. The public support has been invaluable. If it was possible, I’d track down everyone who voted for me and give them a big smacker on the lips by way of thanks.

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